It is on Monday. I don’t really want to work in fast food, but anything would be better than where I am now.

It’s unfortunately 13 miles away from my house, so a trip there & back will be a whole gallon of gas, but if they give me a position where I’m guaranteed 30+hrs/wk & $9/hr, it will be worthwhile, I think. I am hoping a shift leader position pays that, I don’t really know. Minimum wage here is $7.25/hr. I have almost a year’s experience there, so they should hire me. I WOULD HIRE ME.

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  1. finnebon said: I’ve worked in a few different fast food places like BK, it can be pretty fun if your boss/coworkers don’t suck! Just be prepared to never trust fast food ever again. -.- I learned quickly to only eat food that I touched and made myself. :x GL!!
  2. ozzyonedge said: Good luck!
  3. zookeeping said: You should look into doing internships or something in more of a field of business with your degree, or something you like - I know you have to work a lot to make ends meet but it’d be good to maybe move away from just fast food.
  4. inky-starlight said: YAY THAT’S GREAT!!
  5. sabrielschild said: Good luck!! :D
  6. mistressmaryd said: Good luck! I hope you get it!
  7. dawnallama said: Nice!! I think their outfits are pretty nifty!
  8. legallyreasonable said: Yay! I’m sure they’ll hire you :)
  9. whoduhthunkit said: Good luck!!
  10. allprettycolors said: I worked at burger king for 4 years, it was fun
  11. brian-my-left-testicle said: that is fantastic news!! Huzzahs all around!!
  12. lovevolheart said: I would hire you too. I’m thinking about starting a prostitute business so if you want part in that ill pay ya 9.25 an hour plus the money you get from the men
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