Mar 18, 2013

It’s also an adjective meaning “ having or marked by two mutually repellent forces or diametrically opposed natures or views” & I wasn’t using it in the sense of referring to a diagnosed psychological disorder.


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  1. mayisay-ilovedyoumore said: Anon needs to calm down. I’m all about fighting the mental illness stigma, but the word “bipolar” does have more than one meaning.
  2. wrathofmenses said: I love all the “well I’M a and I’M not offended by it, so poo poo on you!!!!!” shit. Yo, just cause you ain’t offended, don’t mean others aren’t, and you shitting on them for it proves your opinion is invalid.
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    "And bullshit, ”the same symptoms”—as I said he is a rat. A rat. Not a human. That’s not even possible.”...
  4. rapps said: Gosh you can’t say a single thing on the internet without offending someone these days.
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    The point is that bipolar can also mean that there are two opposites that are varied between. The word bipolar is not...
  6. ruby-rosebud said: are you guys going to harass the dictionary too? It’s actually a word that can be used to describe things other than the disease.…
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    I don’t know that but I assumed because you’re being extremely insensitive, and if you did have the disorder I thought...
  8. tinypawpets said: Thank you Lisa >:)
  9. apuddingcup said: Um, no… Lisa, I really like you and your blog, but this actually isn’t cool at all. =\
  10. themouseking said: TODAY on Social Justice Warriors Attack…
  11. thegreenlentil said: but as someone who has bipolar disorder, when i read that i couldn’t tell what you meant from context, so really it has the same effect either way (ie, an offensive, belittling effect) so if you could avoid it, you should.
  12. brian-my-left-testicle said: as long as Lisa is not making fun of the disorder, I don’t see anything wrong with her saying one of her rats exhibits bipolar tendencies
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