Merima’s Litter (born 08/29/14) 

Wow, it took me way too long to get pics of these guys up (thanks to Dragoncon & then my air conditioner going kaput), but here are the babies!

They will be up for adoption in about 4.5 weeks & whoever doesn’t find a home via Tumblr will live with me. I already have tentative homes lined up for four boys, yay!!

Umm..the first time I counted, there were seven boys, the next time I counted, there were six, & now there are five, so I’m not at that positive on most of the sexes, I was kind of rushing, I don’t like to have them too long away from their mom at this age & there’s so many of them that taking pictures takes a while. Some of the markings don’t show up that well yet because they’re still kinda light-colored, their colors will be better by the end of the week.

1. capped male w/two dots behind marking

2. bareback female w/two back spots

3. pink eyed white female

4. bareback male w/penisy hourglass shape

5. bareback male w/thinnish dagger-shaped marking

6. bareback (longer marking) male w/backspot

7. lightish bareback female, currently has small skin tag on face

8. almost hooded female

9. almost hooded female w/slightly thinner back spot

10. very light bareback female w/headspot

11. broken capped female w/very thin stripe

12. light bareback female w/small headspot

13. broken capped male w/long stripe

and a bonus shot of mommy Merima:

I don’t know what color the father was, but the babies will likely be mostly agouti or black.

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AWW THIS MESSAGE ALSO MADE ME HAPPY!!!! I don’t like taking pictures of myself, I am way self conscious about my bad skin (I could be used in a textbook as the example for acne scarring). It doesn’t show up on the iPhone or webcam, so I don’t mind poor quality selfies, haha. I think I have only taken two pictures of myself the whole time I’ve had an SLR!

I took a few pics of myself at Dragoncon I’ll try to get posted soon!

THANK YOU THIS MESSAGE MADE ME HAPPY TOO! A lot of pet stores don’t bother to sell “boring” colors or non-dumbos as pets & I’ve gotten into soooo many debates with ignorant pet store employees who think albinos can’t be tamed or are some sort of different species that stays wild-acting. 

I prefer the dull colors because I feel like Rorschach & Jean Luc are equally as deserving of good homes, & if me having Bonkers or Pax & showing that they have just as nice of a personality as Theo or Crawfisha convinces even one person to get a “boring” rat, then I’ll be happy. :)

OH DEAR GOODNESS this is like a therapist challenge, I am so bad at saying nice things about myself.

  1. I type very quickly.
  2. I am efficient & good at time management.
  3. I am an excellent driver.
  4. I make good nachos.
  5. I am good with money.

OMG that took me way too long to come up with & I feel uncomfortable now, maybe I should try to do that on a daily basis because it seems kind of unhealthy that it was that difficult for me.

AWW THIS IS SO CUTE. I have the most precious little image in my head of a tiny little bb rat with a little letter. THANK YOU ANON FOR THE CUTE IMAGE.

If he’s getting sick that frequently, it more than likely the same illness that’s not clearing up. Doxy is a great drug, but it’s not nearly as effective by itself as it is when combined with Baytril, & if he’s been on it multiple times within the last few months, whatever he has is resistant to it by this point anyway & it’s not doing any good to repeatedly put him on it if it’s not making a difference. You should notice an improvement within 3-5 days, definitely a vast improvement within a week.  In general, occasional sneezing isn’t really anything to worry about if it’s the only symptom being displayed, but if it gets to the point where it’s frequent & you know there’s no environmental causes (like a bedding allergy or air fresheners near the cage), then it does likely indicate some minor respiratory issues that would require antibiotics. If he has a legitimate respiratory/sinus issue, nothing’s going to clear it up other than medication from a vet.

Antibiotics for a respiratory infection should be given for a minimum of 10 days, sometimes it takes almost a month for things to clear up (& if it’s a recurring issue, like repeated abscesses, a rat may need to be on antibiotics for its entire life). I would see if your vet can give you Baytril to go along with the Doxy or either try switching to something else entirely—I’ve had success with Amoxicillin in the past. Doxycycline is not normally anywhere near as expensive as it is right now; there’s a nation-wide shortage at the moment because it’s used to treat MERSA. I can definitely sympathize with you, Bandit has been on $40/month worth for the last couple of months because he has to take it continuously until his heartworm treatment begins.  If your vet is charging you $50/month for a rat’s Doxycycline, you’re being waaaay overcharged—the amount a rat would need, even right now, when it’s more expensive than usual, shouldn’t be more than $20 at the very most. An exam fee on top of that would likely be another $20-60, but if it’s a recurring problem, you will likely be charged a cheaper recheck fee (possibly no fee at all). I’d try to go back & either get Baytril added or something else entirely—if you say that he’s not clearing up & showing the same symptoms, they may not make you bring him back in.

That’s so strange! That’s exactly what happened with Vera. I have to assume she had some sort of minor back injury that wasn’t bad enough to leave a bruise or anything, like maybe she pulled something. I have never seen anything like that in the six years I’ve owned rats, & I’ve been around loads that had health problems.

I feel bad because I got this over the weekend when I was away & just now had time to respond, I hope he’s doing all right.

Abscesses normally grow quickly like that, but that’s kind of weird if it was there for two months before it suddenly started growing. It more than likely would pop on its own (especially if you help it along by putting a warm washcloth on it), but it might be worth taking him to a different vet for a skin scraping or just to get a second opinion, assuming it’s within your budget. It might be a mammary tumor or something else that’s likely benign, but those normally grow much slower & I’ve never had anything that stayed one size for a while & then suddenly got way bigger—I wish I could help you out more! Good luck with him.

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Long exposure, 3 traffic lights in the fog.

Long exposure, 3 traffic lights in the fog.

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I took some photos of my rats today! They’re so adorable I just want to hug and cuddle them forever! ^-^

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Well, the A/C maintenance guy just left. He spent forever down in the basement working on it, & then I heard the air come on & I got all excited. He came back upstairs & I told him it seemed to be working, & he said no, that some circuit board was broken & he had set it to bypass so that the fan was running continuously, 24/7, but that it wasn’t blowing out as cold of air as it was supposed to, it’s basically just a fan providing circulation. I asked when it was going to be working properly & he said “Whenever I get back out here with the circuit board” & went outside. I thought he was just going to his truck, but then he just left?! So I dunno if he’s planning on coming back today or tomorrow or in two weeks from now or when.

It’s still in the mid-80s, but there is circulation now, so it already feels way, way better. It’s uncomfortable, but I’m not as concerned about the rats & mice dying.


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I am so worried it won’t be able to get fixed today. I have to find somewhere to take everyone if it can’t get fixed immediately, because it is dangerously hot in here. We’re starting to have trouble breathing—Cece & Bandit are both miserable. Opening the windows didn’t help at all because there’s no breeze. Most of the rats are okay, but the ones that aren’t are looking kinda rough. I put Pax in the coolest room (where the mom & babies are—thankfully, they all seem okay!) with a frozen water bottle & he immediately curled on top of it. My girls & older boys are okay, but my group of nine seems uncomfortable, I keep splashing water on them. Crawford’s going right now to buy ice in case it’s something that can’t be fixed today. We are gonna have to try to find more fans, right now there is only one for the whole house & I’m having to use it for the rats (I don’t have ceiling fans). It’s too hot to do anything, I keep sitting up on the couch & just passing out & then waking up soaked in sweat & delirious feeling. This is horrible. I realize it sounds like I’m overreacting, but it’s been 90 degrees in my house for almost 24 hours & it’d be bad enough if it was just me, but I’m so incredibly stressed about the animals, they are my main priority & I feel so helpless because I can’t do anything more for them & I know they are not feeling well.

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If they’re not able to come fix the air by this afternoon, I’m gonna have to evacuate the rats somewhere. It’s so much hotter than I ever thought possible, I had to take an icy bath last night. It’s supposed to get up to 96 today and that’s hot enough I even have to worry about the dogs. I’m moving the cats into the basement this morning, it is a good bit cooler, but really mildewy, so the rodents can’t go down there. Uuuugh. We’re not able to use any lights bc they heat it up too much. I’ve gotta use the dryer to wash rat linens bc it smells so bad in here that I have to clean cages. This sucks. I’m so glad we got home when we did, the guy watching the house didn’t think to call us when he noticed the house was fifteen degrees warmer than it should have been and I’m pretty sure all the rats would’ve died in just a few hours. I don’t think I’m gonna leave overnight anymore once Crawford moves out, I keep getting so upset thinking about what if we decided to spend another night.

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50s dresses.

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I don’t really feel like going back to Dragoncon today, I wanna go home and see my animals. But Crawford had a miserable time yesterday and discovered cons aren’t for him, so his little sister is gonna come and use his badge with me. I get a little nervous around kids. I figure I’ll walk her around and let her see some costumes and she might like sitting in on a few of the young adult lit panels, she loves reading. Then hopefully she’ll be ready to go home. I guess I need to feed her at some point? She is 13, so she’s like a small adult but I still must care for her and I’d rather take a dog or rat, I’m good with those, I don’t know how to deal with children AAH.

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